10 Makeup Goofs That Make Your Skin Look Aged


Makeup was created to help us look prettier and to enhance our natural features, but there are some beauty mistakes that we often make that can make us look older. Let me share with you some useful makeup knowledge and like this we will avoid the mistakes that add age to our appearance:

1) Smiling while applying the blush

Blush is a wonderful tool that normally helps freshen your face and flatter the colour of your skin. But when you apply it the wrong way, it can add age. For example, usually a lot of ladies apply their blush while smiling, which is a great technique when you are young, but with age, skin gets more saggy and then you need to change the technique of applying your blush. Instead, apply colour on the highest point on your cheekbones, but don’t go too close to the nose, and then, lift it upward with a brush that’s large enough to cover the whole cheekbone. Also, avoid dramatic blush shades which can make you look like a clown. Use neutral rosy or coral shades instead, they look more natural and make your look more youthful.

2) Too much shimmer

Shimmer is a very delicate thing and you never need too much of it on your face. Shimmer is pretty much able to make you look older! Avoid applying shimmer all over your face or all over your cheeks because it will pick up every tiny line you have and emphasise it’s importance. If you want to highlight some parts on your face, I would suggest applying a highlighter on your cheek bones, lightly under your brows, on your cupid’s bow and on the inner corners of your eyes. But remember – never all over your face!

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