Cameron Diaz Is Not Afraid Of Wrinkles + 12 Actresses Who Embraced Ageing Gracefully


Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz feels the best part of growing older is the knowledge she gains through new experiences. The Mask star, who recently released her second book, The Longevity Book: Live Stronger, Live Better, The Art of Ageing Well, discussed about her lack of fear when it comes to ageing. Femalefirst quoted Diaz saying that through her research, she has learned more about ageing physically, but she also looks forward to how much she gains in life experiences.

“For me I feel like if I it’s almost as if we have failed if we don’t remain 25 for the rest of our lives. Like we are failures. Like it’s my fault that at 40 years old… I still don’t look like I’m 25.” Diaz had said in the past.

The 43-year-old also feels “stress, inflammation, lack of movement, poor nutrition, lack of sleep and not being connected to the people you love” contribute to premature ageing the most, but she was also shocked to learn about it on a cellular level.

Diaz, who believes she wasn’t able to defy nature, is not the only one who has embraced her wrinkles and destigmatising. Here are some other divas who have been vocal about ageing gracefully.

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