Ruhi Singh On Her Role In Ishq Forever


This is the recent interview that was published in FHM.

FHM: Hey Ruhi, when are you playing next on the 70mm frame?
Ruhi Singh: Very soon. You will see me on 19th Feb, with my upcoming film Ishq Forever, opposite Krishna Chaturvedi. It is a new age love story. I hope people enjoy the movie.

What are you doing in the movie, Ishq Forever?
I’m playing the protagonist in the film, Rhea. She is fun, bold and quite an adventurer.

Walking on the ramp or acting in front of the camera, which one is better?
Both have their own appeal. Though I prefer the moving camera any day, as it gives me an opportunity to express and emote. And moreover, I thoroughly enjoy acting.

Do you have a secret tattoo? If not, where would you like to get one?
Not yet. But I would love to get something meaningful and inspiring written on my wrist that I can relate to.

Let’s talk about guys now. What do you like the most about a guy?
I love it when a guy is confident and chivalrous, also intelligence adds immensely to the charm. Someone I can have a sensible conversation with, and at the same time can make me laugh.

So, what are the five things that a guy should do to get your attention?
Confidence is the key. Then comes a good sense of fashion. The guy should be kind and hearty. Respectful. And fitness conscious, of course.

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