Salma Hayek On ‘The Graham Norton Show’ In London


Salma Hayek has revealed how she feared she had offended the Pope with a revealing photo of herself and Susan Sarandon.
Hayek, 49, was honoured by the head of the Catholic Church at the Un Muro o Un Ponte seminar last weekend – but said she feared the Pope would reconsider presenting her with a medal if he saw the busty Instagram snap.
Speaking on the Graham Norton Show she said: “I was very honoured and excited to be receiving a medal from him but I was really nervous because I had just posted an Instagram of me staring at Susan Sarandon’s assets.
“I was so afraid he would see that picture and take away my medal!”
Hayek – who was honoured alongside George Clooney and Richard Gere for their work with the Scholas Occurrentes foundation –shared the picture with her fans during the Cannes Film Festival.

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