Archana Vijaya – The Rebel On The Cricket Field


At first glance, Archana Vijaya comes across as an intimidating woman. She is gorgeous, confident and wears the look of assurance that comes from years of hard-earned success. But when you see through all of that, you discover a girl, whose passion for life and a glittering career burns bright.
A model, a VJ, a wife and now a successful entrepreneur, Archana has donned many hats. But history will remember the beauty for her sterling contributions in the world of cricket presentation. Many years ago, she started a revolution and changed the rules of the game for generations of female sports anchors. Archana Vijaya wanted to prove to the world that she was more than just a glamorous face – she wanted to be known as the quintessential beauty with brains.
Cricket followers around the country have fond memories of the girl that traversed a different path on the cricket field. Archana questioned the norms and decided to carve her own nice in a male-dominated industry. Her stint as a presenter for ‘Extraa Innings’, a show that previews and reviews Indian Premier League matches, shot her into instant fame. Yes, she was well known in the cricket circuit, thanks to her association with a sports channel early on in her career but Archana has no qualms admitting that it was the IPL that catapulted her career into greater heights.

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