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Kaia Gerber In An Exclusive Photoshoot For Calvin Klein Campaign 2021

Kaia Gerber in an exclusive photoshoot for Calvin Klein Campaign 2021. See more photos of her shoot in the slideshow.

Kaia Gerber Shoots For Calvin Klein Spring/Summer 2021 Campaign

Kaia Gerber poses in lingerie for Calvin Klein Spring/Summer 2021 Campaign. Check out all the pictures in the slideshow.

Stunning Bella Hadid For Calvin Klein Swimwear 2020 Campaign

Supermodel Bella Hadid shoots for Calvin Klein Swimwear 2020 Campaign. Check out more photos in the slideshow.

Stunning Kendall Jenner For Calvin Klein’s ‘Deal With It’ Campaign 2020

Stunning supermodel Kendall Jenner shoots for Calvin Klein’s “Deal With It” Campaign 2020. Check out more photos of her in the slideshow.

Kendall Jenner Photoshoot For Calvin Klein ‘Deal With It’ Campaign

Kendall Jenner's special photoshoot for Calvin Klein “Deal With It” Campaign. Check out more pictures of her in the slideshow.

Bella Hadid Showcasing The Calvin Klein 2019 Collection

Bella Hadid showcasing the Calvin Klein 2019 collection. Start slideshow for more pictures of her.

Kendall Jenner Shoots For Calvin Klein Underwear 2019 Collection

Kendall Jenner shoots for the 2019 Calvin Klein Underwear collection. Open slideshow for more photos of her.