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Blanca Blanco Enjoying The Malibu Beach In Yellow Swimsuit

Blanca Blanco enjoys the ocean waves in a yellow swimsuit at the Malibu Beach. Open slideshow to see more.

Charlotte McKinney Posing For A Swimsuit Photoshoot

Charlotte McKinney poses in a white swimsuit at the beachside in Malibu. See more images in the slideshow.

Blanca Blanco On A Bikini Vacation At Malibu Beach

Blanca Blanco On A Vacation At Malibu Beach.

Blanca Blanco Hits The Malibu Beach In A Beige Bikini

Blanca Blanco was spotted enjoying in a Beige Bikini at the Beach in Malibu. Start slideshow for more images.

Blanca Blanco Is A Most Beautiful Mermaid

Blanca Blanco looked terrific in a Red “Mermaid” swimsuit while relaxing at a Beach in Malibu. Don't miss more photos in this slideshow.

Blanca Blanco In A Geeky T-Shirt At The Malibu Beach

Blanca Blanco was spotted enjoying her vacation in a geeky black T-shirt at a Beach in Malibu. See more photos in the slideshow.

Ellen Alexander Swimsuit Photoshoot At Malibu Beach

Ellen Alexander posing in a black Swimsuit at the beach in Malibu. Start slideshow for more photos of her.

Sammy Mitchell Dazzle For A Swimsuit Photoshoot In Malibu

Sammy Mitchell looked amazing as she did a swimsuit photoshoot on the beach in Malibu. Check out more pictures of her in the slideshow.

Alessandra Ambrosio Swimsuit Photoshoot Candids In Malibu

Alessandra Ambrosio posed for a swimsuit photoshoot at the Malibu beach.

Brooke Burke Stuns In A Bikini On The Malibu Beach

The 45-year-old actress Brooke Burke stuns everyone as she posed for a photoshoot in bikini on the Malibu beach. She has got a wonderful...