Sunny Shares Her Birthday With FHM With A Cake


What do you do on your birthdays? A mild celebration at home? A party with friends? We meet Sunny and cut the cake together. Is this enough to tell why we’re launching FHM + on this ‘auspicious’ occasion? Yes, people, it’s Ms Leone’s birthday and ecstatic will be an understatement for us boys at the office. But why Sunny’s birthday is all you must be thinking about?

FHM and Sunny have more than one thing in common. We both are uninhibited, gutsy and speak our hearts out. The other day, when we were discussing about our May issue, there was a chorus roar in the edit meet that it’s time we do our first shoot with Sunny as our characters are too similar to ignore. So much was the excitement that we forgot if Sunny too will be willing to shoot with us.

We had some 50 concepts ready, but none could make us go, ‘this is it’. But as they say, time sorts out everything. It’s her birthday and so is our anniversary with TCG Media. Why not celebrate it together. No lights, no make-up and no drama, a cake is all we need!

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