Kate Upton Shoots For Shape Magazine (September 2017)


The 25-year-old model and actress can push a sled with 500-pound weights across the floor, no problem, and does hip thrusts with a 200-pound bar across her lap. “Here I am bragging,” she says with a laugh as she describes her fitness feats. “But it’s exciting, challenging, and empowering to see what I can do.”

Kate is killing it outside the gym too. She’s engaged to Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander (“We haven’t set a wedding date yet. We’re just enjoying the engagement,” she says), and in addition to her hugely successful modeling career, she’s taking on more acting roles. In her new movie, The Layover, which is in theaters now, Kate stars as a woman comapeting with her best friend for the same guy after their plane makes a forced landing. “It was really fun to film; an awesome learning experience,” says Kate, who has been studying acting for seven years. “I believe in hard work and learning your craft before going out there and doing it.” As disciplined as she is in her work life and her workouts, Kate is also a big proponent of treating herself. “I mean, you can’t be good all day,” she says. Some of her favorite things: going out to dinner, drinking wine, and eating french fries and chocolate.

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