The 13 Hottest Professional Female Skiers Will Make Your Day


Professional skiers are often taken for granted in the looks department mainly because they are all covered up. That’s the thing some people don’t understand completely. If these snow bunnies look hot competing, can you just imagine how they look when they dress down? What is a snow bunny you ask? We don’t need to answer that one as all you need to do is scroll down and look at this lineup of the hottest professional skiers. Take a look at 10 of the hottest Pro Skiers on the slopes that will make you melt:

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  1. 13? I only see 1 on this blog (probably Lindsey Vonn).
    If you want to add another one, choose Justine Dafour Lapointe from Canada.

  2. You say 13 pictures but you only have 12 pages and 11 girls.
    The first page is always a picture of one of the girls on the list (in my case Lindsey or Tatum).
    Then you repeat the same name as the slideshow continues.
    Even if you add JUSTINE DUFOUR LAPOINTE, you will still be ONE short.
    I don’t know how I missed those boxes (PREV and NEXT).
    I am usually quite astute at picking those out on other blogs.

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