Top 15 Most Gorgeous Female Athletes


If you work and train really hard, you will end up having a great-looking body. That’s exactly what these women did: they trained, kept getting better, and, eventually, became the ultimate athletes. Some are into ass-kicking, others like to fondle balls and ride boards, but absolutely all of them look amazing.
Now, this here is a really, really, REALLY short list, because there are thousands of beautiful athletes out there. People like top10’s or, in this case, top15’s, because TL;DR and all that. And, as a user, I respect that, so enough chit-chat, here are some of the most charming gals in sports. Let me know who’s the fairest of them all in your opinion!

Michelle Jenneke

Michelle is a famous Australian hurdler and a model. She’s won a silver medal for the 100 m hurdles at the 2010 Summer Youth Olympics. You all remember her “warm up routine” going viral, right?

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